Bicycle Comics publishes poetry and comic strips. We've been in business since 2009, when we published our first book of comic strips and light verse: Boys at Play. We created Boys at Play to raise money for Amherst College (and because it seemed like a fun project). Since then, we've published six more books:

  • A History of Silence, by Carrie Rudzinski, in 2010
    (Reissued as an E-book in 2014)
  • Survive, Survive, Survive, by Sam Teitel, in 2011
  • Tandem, an anthology, in 2012
  • The Assassin and the Giant Man, by Sam Teitel, in 2012
  • Alight, an anthology, in 2013
  • Tandem, Volume II, an anthology, in 2013

Bicycle Comics is based in San Francisco, California, with plenty of help from our original home in Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We absolutely intend to publish more poetry and more comic strips in the future. However, we absolutely are not accepting submissions or queries at this time.

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